The Paul Dennis Center aims to foster a sense of community, connection, and connectivity with engagement, exposure, and experiences.

T.R.U.T.H Youth Services strives to have young people – and their families – find that thing that moves their hearts to learn and grow.

Roshunnia Dennis

Roshunnia is a kid from McCormick with a vision to give back to the community that raised her. Ro's passion and experience for working with young people fueled her desires to help fill in the gaps for our children. Ro embodies the belief that working with youth is heartwork not hardwork!

The facility is name after her father Paul Dennis Jr., whose love for the McCormick community and helping others was unmatched.

Theodosha Love

Theodosha is driven by her efforts to unite communities through humanitarian work. Theo's experience with working with people from all walks of life is led by her compassion and care to see them evolve into their greater self.

Theo was born and raised in Auburn, SC. Her mother and grandmother were the catalysts in showing her what it meant to be an advocate for others. Their demonstration of oneness and unity helped the community thrive and flourish for the betterment of all. She strives to wholeheartedly promote unity in the McCormick community.

This dynamic duo, understands that they cannot do this work alone and will seek out appropriate partnerships to help bring the mission and vision to life.